John Krumm

Greetings! I'm a photographer and photography teacher formerly based in Juneau, Alaska, but now based in Duluth, Minnesota. The featured galleries to the right showcase a few of my personal favorites, with a strong emphasis on landscapes, the largest section. Other galleries are more general (places, buildings, even family) and I always include a description of the photo so you can get a feel for the area by browsing through. If you need to reach me you can send an email to john@krummowen.org.

Below this introduction you can see a slideshow of my most recent photographs, now from Duluth (or greater Minnesota and Wisconsin). Under the recent photos are my sprawling personal collections. If you see an image you like and want to use it for a non-profit (education, charity etc) let me know and I'll send you the file, no charge.

Some sections worth checking out include my limited supply of bird and animal shots, an ever growing pile of landscape photographs, another huge mound of miscellaneous family shots (my favorite section), an uncatalogued assortment of odds and ends, and a smaller assembly of everyday Juneau places.

Not so new, but still worth a look: Pajamas on the Beach, and August Grass.

Thanks for visiting.